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ASSE Summer Immersion - 6 Weeks

What better way to immerse yourself in a country’s language and culture than by experiencing life as a member of a family? You don’t just observe life in another country but actually live it just as a native does.

If you’re just beginning to study a foreign language, or even if you haven’t yet but want to, ASSE’s Summer Homestay programs are ideal for you. You’ll live with a volunteer host family and share in their daily summer activities. And in doing so, you’ll discover the heart and soul of your chosen homestay country. Spending your days as a typical teenager, you’ll play sports, see films, get involved in your host family’s activities, or perhaps join them during their summer holiday travels.

There’s a whole world of people out there, with different languages, foods, traditions; why not get to know some of them this summer? It’ll be the most rewarding summer you’ve ever had.

Choose Your Country!

AntibesFrench Language Program
Costa del SolSpanish Language Program
BerlinGerman Language Program