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2019-2020 Program Fees and Terms

The sooner you apply, the better your chances for acceptance in the program of your choice. A limited number of ASSE scholarships are available based upon financial need and academic merit.

An academic year, semester or a summer program abroad will be the most challenging experience of your life. And if you’re ready to face the unknown, the excitement, adventure and rewards of an exchange experience abroad can be yours, too!

Preliminary Application Fee:

All candidates for acceptance in the ASSE Exchange Program must complete an Application Form and pay a Preliminary Application Fee of $300. This Preliminary Application Fee is non-refundable. Consideration for acceptance and country of preference will be based upon your qualifications and the date of receipt of your application

( Exclusive of Program Fee ) All Programs $300

Program Fees: 2019/2020*

Priced and payable in U.S. Dollars
School Year or Semester** (August/September 2019 Departure)***
Belgium, Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Italy, Moldova, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey$8450
Finland, France$8950
Denmark, Norway$10950
English Canada$9850†
French Canada$12000†
Australia (July departure)$10150
Thailand (July departure)$7700
China, Taiwan, Mongolia, Vietnam$9950
Korea (Year Only)$11950
Semester only**(August/September 2019 and January 2020 Departure)
Great Britain$10950
School Year or Semester**(Spring 2020 Departure)***
Italy – Semester only (depart January)$8450
Australia (depart January/February)$10150
Japan, Korea (depart February/March)$11950
Argentina, Brazil (depart January/February)$7050
South Africa (depart January)$9000
Thailand (depart May)$7200
Summer Immersion – 6 weeks(July 2019 Departure)
Argentina, Brazil, Czech Rep, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey$7400
Japan, Korea, China, France$8500
Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, Mongolia$6000
Summer Language Camp– 4 weeks(July 2019 Departure)
*Program fees subject to change due to major exchange rate or airfare fluctuations.
**Due to variances in host country school start and end dates, program group departures, compatibility with home country and host country school terms, availability of suitable volunteer host families, etc., School Year and Semester Programs may start before or after host country school start dates and may finish before or after host country school end dates.
***Semester programs available to most year program destinations.
Program fee excludes airfare.

Program fees include: Round trip international airfare from New York to Europe and South Africa, from Miami to Brazil and Argentina, from Los Angeles to Asia/Pacific. Summer and Year programs between USA, Canada, and Mexico exclude airfare.

Fees also include comprehensive health, accidental death and travel insurance, host family recruitment and screening, non-English speaking country language training (School Year and Semester Programs only), and orientation.

Program fees exclude: domestic travel from home to international gateway city (special "youth fares" available upon request), passport and visa fees, school uniforms (if required), educational/recreational overnight field trips, school lunch money (if necessary), and pocket money.

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