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School Year and SemesterAugust / September 2024$11,950
Summer ImmersionJuly 2024$8,900
Summer Language CampJuly 2024$5,750

In Spain, experience the emphasis on family and friendship. You’ll enjoy meals with every family member present, and a lifestyle that allows for a two hour lunch in the middle of the day. You’ll learn to distinguish between the distinct regions of Spain, such as Catalonia or Galicia, with their own local and special traditions.

Embrace the diversity and learn about Spain’s fascinating history, the local cuisines, the mix of cultures and different lifestyles, architecture, and music. Visit the many museums, parks, fortresses, splendid beaches, the captivating city of Seville, and see Antoní Gaudí's unique architecture for yourself. Eat tapas or try an authentic paella with your Spanish host family, share in their large family gatherings, see a traditional Flamenco show or go out with your friends to a movie or a café.

As an ASSE Exchange Student to Spain, you’ll have plenty of occasion to socialize and try new things; you’ll expand your horizons while learning one of the most useful languages in the world.