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School Year August/September 2024$12,500
School Year February/March 2025$12,500

This string of islands epitomizes a nation of dramatic contrasts. Underneath the fast-paced bustle of Tokyo, the largest city in the world, are layers of history and unchanging tradition. While the Japanese find inspiration in the quiet beauty of a small, formal rock garden, Japan has secured its place as an economic and technological leader in global markets. Learning the language and culture will open up a world of future opportunities.

You may find that your host family lines the home with tatami, the traditional fragrant and soft straw mats, or that your home is filled with many shoji, paper screens that soften the light in each room. You will enjoy special meals of fresh seafood such as sushi, and taste the many delicious meals based on shun, or "food in season." Celebrate holidays in the typical Japanese style with your family and friends.

Your exchange year will be filled with the never-ending experience of discovering the rich culture of Japan, and your knowledge of the language and culture of this great country will give you a competitive advantage in whatever your future endeavours.