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European Summer - 4 Weeks

Are you ready to live another culture and language instead of just learning through textbooks? If you think it’s time for a new challenge and an unforgettable adventure, ASSE’s 4-week European Summer Language Camps in France, Spain or Germany may be the answer.

These specially-designed courses include structured language study with professional teachers and cultural excursions to surrounding areas of interest. You’ll have group recreational activities with some extra time to explore your favourite parts of the local community and culture; the sports, shops, art, food or sunny weather. And all the while you’ll live with a local family, giving you the perfect chance to practice the language and pick up on the customs.

The European Summer Language Camp is ideal to provide you with an inside look into the world of France, Spain or Germany. You’ll return with a world of new knowledge and experience.

Located on the Cote d´Azur close to Nice, Cannes, and Italy, Antibes was a Greek fortified town named Antipolis that later became a Roman town. Today it's an attractive and active town, popular with French and international visitors. The natural beauty remains in the "old town" with the ramparts along the sea and the long arched wall along the port. There are plenty of little streets for exploring, colorful bistros and cafes of all types, and lots of shops, not to mention the Provencal market and the medieval castle.

The summer language program allows students to live with local families and learn about French culture firsthand. You'll attend morning language classes five days a week, with native French instructors teaching all levels of classes. Your host family will live in Antibes/Juan les Pins which together form a single commune.

You´ll see more of France with weekly organized tours to surrounding areas, the Lerins Islands or Aquaplash, a very popular sports amusement park. The school also offers plenty of outdoor afternoon activities like, windsurfing, barbecues, and kayaking if you don't choose to simply spend the afternoon on lovely beaches. One of the highlights in Antibes/Juan le Pins is the annual International Jazz Festival held in July just when you will be there.

Translated into English, "Coast of the Sun" is the ideal description for this warm, sunny region of Spain. Not only is the program located right on the Mediterranean Sea, but it is also within two hours of Spain's most exceptional Andalusian Cities.

Spanish language lessons are taught every weekday morning by certified teachers with experience teaching Spanish to international students. To ensure the coursework fits each student's language level, students are tested upon arrival and placed in one of four groups--from beginning to advanced. To enhance the language learning of the classroom setting, many group activities and cultural excursions to nearby cities are planned.

Feel the presence of the Moorish culture at Granada's world-famous Alhambra Palace, shop in Marbella's exclusive boutiques, sightsee in the beautiful resort city of Malaga, and visit Spain's oldest Plaza de Toros (bullfighting ring) in Ronda. There's so much to discover in Spain, you'll be learning at every moment, inside the classroom or out on the town. As the new capital of the reunited Germany, Berlin is on the cutting edge of change and development. You'll cultivate your German language skills and, at the same time, live just outside of one of Europe's most exciting cities.

To complement the intensive language study weekday mornings, day excursions are organized in and around the city of Berlin. Stand at the Brandenburg Gate, where the Berlin Wall once divided the city in two, and explore the Checkpoint Charlie Museum. Visit Potsdam, a town boasting Frederick the Great's Palace of Sans Sourci, as well as other rich historic castles and gardens. Tour the cultural heart of what was East Germany--Leipzig--where the famous composer Johann Sebastian Bach once lived. Explore the beautiful countryside and farming communities of Brandenburg in its antiquated style. Berlin and its surrounding regions have much to teach about Germany's turbulent history. Each day will be filled with discoveries that go beyond what you've ever learned in school.

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