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Host a Male Exchange StudentHost a Student from Indonesia

Muhammad (17)


Languages: Indonesian, English
Siblings: Older sister
Mother: Teacher
Father: Army
Religion: Muslim


Scouts, swimming, biking, student representative assembly, community service program, English club, public speaking, literature, science, likes dogs and cats -DG

Letter to my Host Family

For my future host family, I promise I’ll try my best to be a good part of your family. I always pray to god for the best to all of us, so that we can spend an incredible year full of fun. I strongly believe that we can have a great connection with one another, even when the program ends. My name is Fikri and my city is one of the oldest cities in Indonesia and one of the most famous tourist destinations. I am active, hard-working, outgoing and sociable. Swimming and riding a bike are two of my favorite sports. I love to participate in various kinds of competitions. I have done Math Olympiads, speech contests, story-telling competition, and many others. I would love to join public speaking activities while in America! I also have a special interest in medical and science, I want to be a doctor someday. I really want to have a pet one day and I would be very happy if there’s a pet in my host family’s home.

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Host a Female Exchange StudentHost a Student from France

Victoire (16)

female, FRANCE

Languages: French, Spanish, English
Siblings: Two older brothers
Mother: Engineer
Father: Consultant
Religion: Christian


Sailing, surfing, debating, singing, photography, and going skiing,

Letter to my Host Family

What a diverse girl Victoire is! Whether is it skiing, sailing, surfing, or cooking this student is ready to try new things. Victoire is ready to learn some American recipes as well as share some French dishes with her new family. She can not wait to immerse herself into American culture. Will you be the family who welcomes Victoire into your home and heart?

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Host a Male Exchange StudentHost a Student from Kazakhstan

Tamirlan (16)


Languages: Kazakh, Ukrainian, Russian
Siblings: two younger half brothers
Mother: marketing
Father: manager
Religion: Muslim


Sports, going to the gym, board games, swimming, chess, reading, debate club, photography, playing guitar, likes dogs & reptile pets

Letter to my Host Family

Tamirlan, FLEX scholarship winner, looks forward to trying activities that aren’t available in Kazakhstan. He loves nature and finds it beautiful and fresh. His favorite activity is being active in social life so he can help people around him and grow. He is currently working on two projects-one to plant trees around his city with his classmates, and the other where he and his classmates go to the local orphanages and teach the younger children English, art, and math. He wants to be interpreter and entrepreneur as an adult. He describes himself as very polite, gentle, attentive, joking, and very good at speaking English. Tamirlan has many varied interests. He looks forward to meeting you, his host family soon!

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Host a Female Exchange StudentHost a Student from Spain

Ana (15)

female, SPAIN

Languages: Spanish, English, French
Siblings: Two older sisters, brother in high school
Mother: Innovation Policy Advisor
Father: Judge
Religion: Not Involved


Volleyball, skiing, swimming, social relationship, fashion, surfing, I used to sing and play piano.

Letter to my Host Family

Meet Ana from Spain! She lives with her family in the north of Spain by the seas. She has two sisters and a twin brother. Her family is very close and eats three meals a day together. In the winter they go skiing in France and spend summers vacationing in different places. She likes to spend her free time with friends going to the theater, watching the sunset, or swimming in the summer. Her bobbies include volleyball, skiing, hiking, swimming, fashion, surfing, singing, and piano. Ana would like study in the USA for a year to learn the customs, culture, and different hobbies. She also wants to improve English and meet new people.

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Host a Male Exchange StudentHost a Student from Thailand

Junlajak (16)


Languages: Thai
Siblings: older brother
Mother: Businesswomen
Father: Businessman
Religion: Buddism


History Buff! Studies Asian history, Middle-Age History, Ancient Greek and Roman History, Ancient Indian History, and American history and politics. Enjoys listening to Country music!

Letter to my Host Family

Meet Captain from Thailand! He likes to spend time with his family watching movies, enjoying meals and traveling around his country. He is studying English and Business in high school. His favorite classes are political science, history and religions. His favorite hobby is reading and learning about history. He is a history buff! He especially enjoys Asian history, middle ages, Greek, Roman and Indian history. He especially likes American History and that is one of the reasons he wants to study in the US. His other hobbies include singing and listening to music. He is old school and loves the classics like John Denver and Lou Armstrong. Captain is tremendously excited to spend a year in the us. He is 100% sure it will be fun and terrific!

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Host a Female Exchange StudentHost a Student from Italy

Gaia (17)

female, ITALY

Languages: Italian, Spanish, German, French
Siblings: None
Mother: Nurse
Father: Consultant
Religion: Catholic


Music lover, swimming, chess, drawing, writing

Letter to my Host Family

Gaia from Italy is just beaming with sunshine. She is a beautiful young lady with the most gorgeous smile. Gaia loves listening to music, swimming, going to the gym, playing chess, drawing and writing. Gaia dreams of living her high school year in the Southern part of America. She hopes during her year to improve her English, discover a new society and culture, grow, mature and get insight into her future. Want to see her smile for yourself, then apply to host today.

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Host a Female Exchange StudentHost a Student from Kazakhstan

Aidana (16)


Languages: Kazakh, Russian, English
Siblings: two younger siblings
Mother: chief financial officer
Father: construction engineer
Religion: Muslim


swimming, basketball, music and volunteering. But most of all I like dancing- WO

Letter to my Host Family

I'm a pretty positive girl, so I have a lot of friends. My friends and my family would probably describe me as open, organized, motivated and kind. Since childhood, I really like to dance. I am also very inspired by music. At school we have our own group of 5 girls, and we often performed at competitions, charity and entertainment events. I have always imagined myself to be a professional and the best doctor. I cannot imagine my future in any other area of work. I also really love animals, especially my dog. I will always do my best and I am looking forward to becoming a part of your family.

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Host a Male Exchange StudentHost a Student from Thailand

Suvijak (16)


Languages: Thai, English, Chinese
Siblings: Brother in high school, brother in middle school
Mother: Business Owner
Father: Business Owner
Religion: Buddism


Table tennis, badminton, biking, and music. Loves to explore different countries.

Letter to my Host Family

Hi, my name is Toto and I am from Thailand. I can't wait to come to the US and learn about American culture. My dream is to become a businessman and travel the world. I have already traveled with my father to many countries such as Japan, China, South Korea and Singapore. My favorie classes in school are English and math. I have many interests including music, movies, table tennis, badminton and bikeriding. I am looking forward to my year in American and possibly visiting some famous places like Grand Canyon, Yellowstone park and Golden gate bridge. See you soon!

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Host a Female Exchange StudentHost a Student from Belgium

Claire (17)

female, BELGIUM

Languages: Dutch, English
Siblings: Older sister and sister in middle school
Mother: European Official
Father: Government official
Religion: Christian


Fitness, playing cards and games, camping, sightseeing, cooking, skiing, youth club member-DG

Letter to my Host Family

I am the middle child of 3 siblings. I am positive and optimistic and try to do good things. I am always smiling and bringing good vibrations. I am sociable and not afraid to reach out to others. You can always trust me, I am someone who is empathetic. Sometimes I go cycling or hiking with my family. I love to spend time outside in nature and take pictures of awesome landscapes. I really like photography. Since I was young, I have done different sports like horse riding for 8 years, gymnastics 3 years, skiing every year and swimming for 5 years. I have done theater and I love how you can express yourself. I enjoy learning new languages, English and Dutch at school and also Chinese in my free time. Last year I began training to learn how to look after children. I enjoy creating games for kids! I love cooking dinner and desserts, I will cook some Belgium dishes for you! Thank you in advance for your hospitality and I will make this year rewarding and unforgettable!

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Host a Female Exchange StudentHost a Student from Germany

Nele (15)

female, GERMANY

Languages: German, English, Japanese, Latin
Siblings: 2 Older Brothers
Mother: System Administrator
Father: Head of Corporate Audit
Religion: Not Involved


Playing piano and ukulele, volleyball, handball, drawing, painting, jogging, gaming, hanging out with friends, skating, listening to music, being outdoors, skating, walking, jogging - TW

Letter to my Host Family

Meet Nele! She lives at home with both of her parents and two older brothers. At home, she is responsible for cleaning up her bedroom, helping to prepare meals, dishes and washing her clothes. Twice a week she has volleyball practice, and she also helps 5th graders with their homework. In her free time, she likes to draw and paint. When she is with her friends they go jogging, gaming, skating, and being outside. She is a vegetarian and does not eat fish or poultry. Living in the US would allow her to master the English language and allow her to learn about different cultures.

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Learn More about Hosting an ASSE International Exchange Student

Every year thousands of students from all over the world benefit from the kindness and hospitality of ASSE host families. Our host families live in every corner of the United States and provide a unique and rewarding opportunity for students from culturally diverse backgrounds to learn more about how Americans live and what we value.

Maybe you know a family that has hosted an international student in the past or are curious about becoming a host family yourself. Hosting an ASSE International student is a big decision that comes with countless rewards and benefits that will last you a lifetime.

The Benefits Add up for a Family Hosting ASSE International Students

When you choose to be a host family, you:
  • Have the pleasure of meeting a curious and impressionable mind eager for learning and adventure
  • Get to share what is unique and important about your culture, language, town and country
  • Open your mind to different cultures and gain an appreciation for our differences
  • Learn about your new son or daughter’s life, language, experiences and ambitions
  • Teach your children the importance of being open to learning about others
  • Create lifelong ties and relationships with wonderful students from all over the world

At ASSE, we are extremely thankful for all of our host families who volunteer to open their home to an ASSE International student. The experience benefits the students and host families alike and often changes the way you look at the world. You may live in a small town in rural America, proud of the beauty and quality of life your area offers or live in anurban area where you desire to share the sounds, sights and smells of your city.

Our host families come from all walks of life and all regions of our country. This diversity is why so many students from all over the world choose our ASSE International hosting program. It is a dream for many to visit the United States and unlock the mysteries and pleasures of our great country. You can make that dream a reality for an ASSE International student by joining our program and becoming a host family today.

Open Your Home and Your Heart to a Student

Many of our host families are like you. They started out curious about what kind of experience they could offer an international student and what the experience would bring to their family. In many cases, after a first hosting experience, they realize the great rewards it brings their family and choose to host again and again. We invite you to learn more about some of the students in our program who are currently awaiting a host family. You can select from a random list of students or refine your search according to specific criteria, such as gender, country of origin or specific interests, and find the perfect match for your family. Come and discover just how rich and rewarding hosting an exchange student from a foreign country can be. It will change their life and your family’s as well.