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Host a Female Exchange StudentHost a Student from Germany

Nele (16)

female, GERMANY

Languages: German, English, French
Siblings: One older brother
Mother: Office staff
Father: Bus entrepreneur


Sports, soccer, swimming, skiing, volleyball, judo, art, painting, fashion - JC

Letter to my Host Family

I would describe myself as an open-minded person who is enthusiastic. I love trying out new things, that’s why I am interested in many sports like soccer, volleyball, ski, track and much more. My main hobby is judo and I have been doing it since was 8. I train 2 times a week and on other 3 days of the week I am going to the gym. My favorite things to read are novels or things based on true events. I enjoy looking at art but also painting myself. When I paint and listen to music, I can relax the best. My friends have told me that they love my positive, calm but also bright nature. Also, an important part of my life is our dog Tierra, I like taking care of her. We got her 3 years ago as a puppy. It ́s so exciting to be able to write to you, to give you a better idea of who I am. I am so excited to meet you!

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Host a Female Exchange StudentHost a Student from Taiwan

Bao Er (17)

female, TAIWAN

Languages: Taiwanese, English
Siblings: Younger brother
Mother: Accountant
Father: Business Manager


Cooking club, baking, reading, watching basketball game, outdoor activity, I want to be part of cheerleading - DD

Letter to my Host Family

I'm Sarah! I'm 16 years old and in the eleventh grade. I'm an outgoing and easy going person. I can fit into a new environment in a short time, once I get to know you I’ll open right up! I like to bake desserts and share them with my friends and family! I like to spend time in nature, particularly camping as It helps me relax. I enjoy playing basketball and often watch games with my brother and father. The games are thrilling for me as every shot in a close game makes you hold your breath! Our family is full of joy and laughter and we have good relationships with each other. We usually go to church together on Sunday as we are all Christians. Space fascinates me; hopefully I can learn more about this subject! My favorite subjects are chemistry and biology. I think nature is amazing. I want to major in dentistry when I am studying at the university. Being a dentist will allow me to help people and contribute to the community. At home, I do the dishes, mop the floor ,clean the bathroom on the weekends. I have volunteered taking care of the children at my local church, this allowed me to learn to be more patient! I long to learn how to play the guitar and join the cheerleading team. I'm confident that I have the courage to overcome any challenges presented to me during my year abroad and will carry a positive attitude.

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Host a Male Exchange StudentHost a Student from Portugal

Manuel (17)


Languages: Portuguese, English, French, Spanish
Siblings: Younger sister
Mother: Teacher
Father: Sociologist


GYM, football, horse riding, swimming, movies - CM

Letter to my Host Family

Manuel is a very bright and motivated young man whose favorite classes are math and economics. He hopes to be an exchange student to increase his English fluency, allow him a chance to become immersed in American culture and improve his opportunities as he prepares for college and a career afterwards. He describes himself as quiet but a keen observer and very versatile. He loves spending time with his family and his dogs and really enjoys playing basketball, riding horses and video games. Manuel's friends would describe him as nice and friendly. He is grateful this opportunity and is eager to experience the "American way of life".

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Host a Female Exchange StudentHost a Student from Spain

Araceli (15)

female, SPAIN

Languages: Spanish, English, French, German
Siblings: 1 younger sister
Mother: Unemployed
Father: Industrialist


Reading, robotics, programming, drawing, photography, chess, art, crafts, walking my dog - Ash

Letter to my Host Family

Meet Araceli! This active girl enjoys learning about new cultures and languages, so much so that she is currently enrolled in her 2nd year in German language lessons. When she isn't taking her dog on a walk or spending time in nature, Araceli can be found participating in any of her wonderful hobbies - robotics workshops, photography, playing video games, drawing or playing chess. Araceli hopes to eventually pursue a future in Biomedical Engineering. She is sincerely looking forward to meeting you and becoming a member of your family.

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Host a Female Exchange StudentHost a Student from Latvia

Anna (17)

female, LATVIA

Languages: Latvian, Estonian, Russian, French
Siblings: One sibling
Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown


Volleyball, tennis, swimming, drama, debate, IT club, student council, singing - KV

Letter to my Host Family

16-year-old Anna is from a small city in Latvia and lives in a multicultural household. Her mother is Latvian, and her father is Estonian. Anna also has a twin brother! She is close with her family and enjoys playing board games, watching movies, and having family meals together. Anna is passionate about singing and sharing her music. She plays both the piano and ukelele. She loves sports just as much as music, and enjoys tennis, swimming, and beach volleyball. Anna describes herself as adventurous and spontaneous – she lives for new people, new environments, and trying things she’s never done before. To balance out her extroverted side, she’s also open-minded and understanding, and likes reading and deep conversations. With her friends, she enjoys sleepovers, movies, and summer camps. She states she and her friends encourage each other to be their best selves and achieve their goals. They support each other no matter what! In addition to feeling like an American teenager and improving her English, Anna hopes to make a lifelong connection with her host family, and return to Latvia with ideas to make school in her home country better. Read her Dear Host Family letter to learn more!

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Host a Male Exchange StudentHost a Student from Taiwan

Liang Yu (16)

male, TAIWAN

Languages: Taiwanese, English, Japanese
Siblings: Two borthers
Mother: Homemaker
Father: IT


Softball, coding, swimming, table tennis, basketball - KV

Letter to my Host Family

Meet 16 year old Charles from Taiwan! He comes from a family of five and has two brothers. He states that though his family is from Asia, they don’t follow the typical “Asian” way, and take a more democratic approach, always encouraging him to communicate when he has a problem or makes a mistake. His family spends many nights together watching movies. Charles is very interested in coding and already has a certification in programming. He is really excited to experience the US school system, which he describes as more “free” than what is available in Taiwan. He’s especially ready to join clubs and sports teams and make new friends. He really enjoys softball and is good at math. He also likes basketball and tennis. He hopes his host family will have pets – especially cats because they are cute and fluffy. He also hopes there will be lots of host siblings for him to spend time with. “I hope to bring…harmony and joy to your family.” Apply to host Charles today!

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Host a Male Exchange StudentHost a Student from Italy

Luca (16)

male, ITALY

Languages: Italian, English
Siblings: Brother in middle school
Mother: Nurse
Father: Army Officer


Body building, basketball, hiking, soccer, movies

Letter to my Host Family

Anyone need a gym partner? Luca is the student for you! Luca's hobby is bodybuilding. He practices six times per week. His passion of bodybuilding comes from a desire to "better myself and become the best version of me..." In the future, Luca would like to be a nutritionist one day and coach online so he can realize his dream of traveling. Luca goes hiking in the mountains with his father in the summertime. They sleep in tents and go swimming in the lake. After several years, he can assemble a tent by himself! Luca's mother is from Poland so they visit her family also in the summertime. Luca loves to cook and can make several dishes that he cannot wait to share with you! He is used to cooking for the family during the week before his parents arrive home from work. On weekends, they have traditional big lunch with his grandparents too. Luca does not know where his love of English comes from, but it has always come easy for him. Since he was a kid, he felt attracted by the "American way of life" that he's seen in the movies and tv series. "I wish I'll feel a part of your family, and I thank you for this possibility."

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Host a Male Exchange StudentHost a Student from Taiwan

Shou Hsun (15)

male, TAIWAN

Languages: Taiwanese, English
Siblings: None
Mother: Yoga Teacher
Father: Manager


Cooking, school choir, table tennis club, badminton club, tennis, piano, guitar , reading science related books - CR

Letter to my Host Family

For more information check out his host family letter!

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Host a Male Exchange StudentHost a Student from France

Naiel (16)

male, FRANCE

Languages: French, English, German, Greek
Siblings: Three older siblings
Mother: Registered Nurse
Father: Shoemaker


Audiovisual club, I sit on the board of directors of my school, telecasts and books, watching soccer, movies, I like to cook, canoeing, skiing, caving - JH

Letter to my Host Family

Love extreme sports?! Then please let me introduce you to Naiel, who goes by Nany. Canyoning, canoeing, skiing, and caving are some of his favorite activities. In fact, he loves all sports. When he isn’t spending his time being active, his other love is video editing. He is a member of the audiovisual club and enjoys making videos to publish on YouTube. Nany lives with his mother and is very helpful around the house. He takes pride in his household responsibilities and describes himself as clean and organized. He likes animals but has never had a pet of his own, though he is willing to learn how to care for one. Another passion is learning everything there is to know about the American culture. He is excited to eat American food and likes to cook with his mom, so can teach you about French food too! He hopes to join your family in the fall!

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Host a Male Exchange StudentHost a Student from Czech Republic

Jan (Zemi) (17)


Languages: Czech, English, German, Russian
Siblings: Three older siblings
Mother: Receptionist
Father: CEO


Skiing, go-kart, computer game, gym Formula One, Ferrari Team, gymnastics. Has a dog at home.

Letter to my Host Family

For more information check out his host family letter!

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Learn More about Hosting an ASSE International Exchange Student

Every year thousands of students from all over the world benefit from the kindness and hospitality of ASSE host families. Our host families live in every corner of the United States and provide a unique and rewarding opportunity for students from culturally diverse backgrounds to learn more about how Americans live and what we value.

Maybe you know a family that has hosted an international student in the past or are curious about becoming a host family yourself. Hosting an ASSE International student is a big decision that comes with countless rewards and benefits that will last you a lifetime.

The Benefits Add up for a Family Hosting ASSE International Students

When you choose to be a host family, you:
  • Have the pleasure of meeting a curious and impressionable mind eager for learning and adventure
  • Get to share what is unique and important about your culture, language, town and country
  • Open your mind to different cultures and gain an appreciation for our differences
  • Learn about your new son or daughter’s life, language, experiences and ambitions
  • Teach your children the importance of being open to learning about others
  • Create lifelong ties and relationships with wonderful students from all over the world

At ASSE, we are extremely thankful for all of our host families who volunteer to open their home to an ASSE International student. The experience benefits the students and host families alike and often changes the way you look at the world. You may live in a small town in rural America, proud of the beauty and quality of life your area offers or live in anurban area where you desire to share the sounds, sights and smells of your city.

Our host families come from all walks of life and all regions of our country. This diversity is why so many students from all over the world choose our ASSE International hosting program. It is a dream for many to visit the United States and unlock the mysteries and pleasures of our great country. You can make that dream a reality for an ASSE International student by joining our program and becoming a host family today.

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Many of our host families are like you. They started out curious about what kind of experience they could offer an international student and what the experience would bring to their family. In many cases, after a first hosting experience, they realize the great rewards it brings their family and choose to host again and again. We invite you to learn more about some of the students in our program who are currently awaiting a host family. You can select from a random list of students or refine your search according to specific criteria, such as gender, country of origin or specific interests, and find the perfect match for your family. Come and discover just how rich and rewarding hosting an exchange student from a foreign country can be. It will change their life and your family’s as well.