Fall 2011
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Recipe for Success!
Discovering culture through tasty adventures

Have you heard of Risengød, Picadas, Döner or Vereniki? So often we connect foreign experiences with food we have tried, liked and even disliked. Tastes and smells make up our memories and often we tell our friends and family 'back home' about food. Travel and exchange experiences are filled with new foods as well as 'comfort' food from home that is missed.

Brianna Hall, ASSE Exchange student from Rangeley, Maine USA spending a year in Denmark, notices the variety of Danish pastries and how amazing they are.

ASSE Photo Gallery

ASSE is very grateful to receive so many photos from around the ASSE world! Enjoy the following examples of all of the fun!

Amazing Experiences in Alaska
Submitted by Erick Chavez, ASSE Exchange Student (Mexico)

Erick Chavez, ASSE Exchange Student (Mexico) and his host brothers Zac and Josh participate in an October canoe race at the Chena River, Alaska USA as part of a Boy Scout activity.

Native American PowWow
Submitted by Brigitta Jakob, ASSE Exchange Student (YES Indonesia)

Brigitta Jakob, ASSE Exchange Student Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study participant (YES) from Indonesian living with the Reichling Family in New Hampton, Iowa USA experienced a Native American PowWow shortly after her arrival in the USA. Brigitta says, "The powwow was really fun.

Great Times in Texas
Submitted by Felix Rohde, ASSE Exchange Student (CBYX Germany)

Felix Rohde, Congress Bundestag scholarship student (CBYX) from Germany has been having a wonderful time and soaking up every minute in Smithville Texas USA. He started community service within days of his arrival to give back to the community who welcomed him.

Challenges + Determination = Success

Once upon a time, a responsible and organized girl in a far off country called Kazakhstan wanted only to succeed in her life. She found out about a great opportunity to travel to America for an academic year. It seemed unreal, impossible! "I do not want to miss this opportunity!" she said to herself. Each competition round to win a scholarship to America to live with a host family and attend an American high school was very difficult and challenging.

A Trip to the White House
Submitted by ASSE Area Representative, Gordon Wayman

German Chancellor Angela Merkel visited Washington, DC USA June 6-8, 2011. On June 7, 2011, U.S. President Obama and the First Lady hosted the Chancellor on the White House lawn.

Experiencing Baseball For The First Time!

Cheering for the Minnesota Twins Sundus Ali, World Heritage Exchange Student (YES Yemen) living with the Nau Family in Prior Lake, Minnesota USA, experienced the game of baseball for the first time as well as the 'culture' of a baseball game!

"The baseball game was awesome! I just can't explain how much fun I had there. It's an amazing experience and the activities they do in there like showing people on the screen doing different things for example, dancing, singing, kissing, waving and asking them questions - that is my best part! I loved watching people smiling and having fun.

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