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ing basketball and football “American” style.

And these are just a few of the choices. Partici­

pating in these activities is a great way to have

fun, be active in your school and community, and

meet countless new friends.

ASSE Private

High School Program

Satisfy your special interests with quality education

in selected Private High Schools cooperating with

ASSE throughout the United States. If you are a skier

seeking the thrill and challenge of snow covered moun-

tains, a hockey player wanting to play and learn more, if

music or art is your passion, even horseback riding, rowing,

racquetball, as just a few examples, then ASSE has a Private

High School that can satisfy your interests while continuing

your progress in the academics.

Smaller classes provide more personal attention from

your teachers, friendships that occur easily, an experi-

ence in an English speaking location all combined to

make this a special year to remember.

Quality academics, beautiful campuses, American

life, and attention to your special interests

... no

matter which ASSE Private High School you

choose, the excitement is waiting for you!

Come to the USA for a school

year and move with the country

always on the move. And if you

already live in the USA, get a

move on to experience the

diversity of your own country!

Come to the