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Living with a

host family will

let you quickly

master the

language and

absorb the


In Spain, experience the emphasis on family and

friendship. You’ll enjoy meals with every family

member present, and a lifestyle that allows for

a two hour lunch in the middle of the day. You’ll

learn to distinguish between the distinct regions

of Spain, such as Catalonia or Galicia, with their

own local dialects and special traditions.

Or venture further down South to charming Por-

tugal where you will find captivating landscapes

and historic villages. The warmth and easy smiles

of the Portuguese people will make you feel at

home immediately.

Experience life in Germany, with charming, his-

toric towns and fascinating cities, such as Berlin.

Germany offers opera houses, theatres, lush

wooded areas and lovely blue lakes.

Birthplace to the Roman Empire, home of the

Vatican and many other famous and historic

landmarks – you’ll experience history and the

latest in fashion design and modern technology

rolled into one when you spend an exchange

year in Italy.

The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine,

Romania, Serbia, Lithuania, Estonia and Poland,

formerly East Bloc countries, are truly the heart

of Europe. These countries are in the process

of reinventing themselves after their economic

transformations. Study abroad in one of these

newly founded democratic nations and prepare

yourself for the future while still savouring Eu-

rope’s “old world flavour.”

Between Asia and Europe, Turkey is at the cross-

road of Western and Eastern cultures. Istanbul,

Turkey’s largest city, is the only city in the world

that lies on two continents. Stunning mosques,

incredible ruins and a fascinating cultural style

are just a few of the numerous exciting encoun-

ters awaiting you in Turkey.