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The origin and foundation of ASSE have

been its exchange programs

with its

European countries where there has been

a major influence on our country’s history,

language and culture. Considering that

European schools are among the best in the

world, attending one of these schools and

living with a host family will let you quickly

master the language and absorb the culture.

These countries are a blend of old traditions,

dynamic societies and modern technology,

making your semester or year in Europe the

adventure and opportunity of a lifetime.

The natural beauty of the continental Scan-

dinavian countries draws many exchange

students to Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and

Finland. Striking green forests and valleys,



brilliant blue lakes and fjords, and white

snow–capped mountains give these countries

a feel of pure open space and freedom.

Combined with this natural beauty are

modern cities with socially–and

environmentally–conscious citizens proud

of their progressive ideas.

By spending a year or a semester in a Scan-

dinavian country, you can experience things

distinctly characteristic of this area of the

world. The northern sun never setting dur-

ing the summer allows you to ski the slopes

at night. And you can enjoy the lifestyle of a

region that has more boats than cars, yet still

has everything modern within its borders.

Nothing compares with Western Europe’s

ancient history and contemporary influence

gracefully coexisting in villages, towns and

cities. In Germany, Italy, France, Spain,

Portugal, Great Britain, Holland, or

Switzerland, you may at one moment feel trans-

ported back in time as you walk along knobby

cobblestone streets past centuries–old pubs,

or taken to the cutting edge at the next, as you

pass trendy boutiques. There is no better way

to learn the language, culture and history of

one of these countries than by experiencing life

as a European student.

In France, you’ll discover that discussion is a

national pastime, where gathering with friends

to talk over coffee in a café is an art form.

France is especially proud of its traditions,

language and culture. You’ll soon appreciate

the importance placed on fine meals enjoyed

at a leisurely pace, good conversation, fine art,

music, cinema and fashion. At the same time,

you’ll be able to ride the TGV, the fastest train

in the world, and see how new technology is

shaping France today.