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Page Background

As one of the oldest and largest international

student exchange organizations, ASSE is

able to offer the most comprehensive

programs with the lowest possible fees.

No Foreign Language Requirement

You’re not required to know the language of

your host country, although it is certainly

helpful. ASSE programs provide language

assistance such as preliminary language/cul-

ture programs or tutoring during the initial

weeks of the program.

You Choose Your Country

ASSE is able to offer over 95% of its students

their first choice in host country. And you

aren’t required to accept assignment to a

country you haven’t requested.

ASSE’s Fees Are The Lowest and All Inclusive

ASSE subsidizes all of its programs abroad,

essentially offering partial scholarships to all

students. Hence, ASSE can include program

components for which other programs charge

extra fees or “add-ons.” ASSE fees include:

international and host country domestic

transportation, Language and Cultural Enrich-

ment Program (non-English speaking coun-

tries), comprehensive insurance (including full

medical, travel, accidental death and personal

liability coverage), program orientation and

much more.



The sooner you apply, the better your chances

for acceptance in the program of your choice.

A limited number of ASSE scholarships are

available based upon financial need and

academic merit.

If you are applying to spend a high school year

as an exchange student and you submit your

Preliminary Application and Fee, fully completed

Application Packet and full Program Fee by:

you will receive a 10% reduction in the Program

Fee (excluding the Preliminary Application Fee)

for applying early.

- 15 January Programs starting July / Aug / Sept

- 15 May


WH Y A S S E ?

An academic year, semester or a short–term

program abroad will be the most challenging

experience of your life. But if you’re ready to face

the unknown, the excitement, adventure and

rewards of an exchange experience abroad can

be yours, too!

For your convenience ASSE accepts credit cards.

You may pay your program fees (deposit and final

payment) by Visa, MasterCard, Discover or

American Express.

High School Year Program Early

Application Discount

Programs starting January through May