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You have probably felt the urge to do

something different?

To chart your own

path? Life isn’t only about what you see and

do in your own country, hometown or school,

or even with your friends. What is beyond?

You need to challenge yourself, to take a

chance. For a school year (or even for a few

weeks) you can dare to be different!

What makes an exchange student different?

When someone leaves the familiar behind

and plunges into the unknown, he or she is

showing a commitment to understanding

other people, to learning about the world in

a way that textbooks and school assignments

never reveal. A year spent abroad is a year

that will redefine your world.

You’ll discover that every moment, every con-

versation and experience, challenges

the way you look at the world. You’ll see

differences as well as similarities in people and

their actions, in their beliefs and values. You’ll

experience the intricately structured social

code of the Japanese, or the egalitarian beliefs

of the Scandinavians, considered the most

socially progressive Europeans. Suddenly you’ll

realize what it means to belong to a certain

country and culture. You’ll learn about yourself

as you learn about others.

Becoming an exchange student gives you

more than knowledge about another country

and its language and culture. A year abroad

teaches you about building friendships,

taking responsibility for yourself, respecting

differences and tolerating the beliefs of others.

Exchange students develop leadership skills,

self-confidence and a greater understanding

of the complexities of the world around them.

This is why the best universities, as well as cor-

porations and professionals, look favourably

on students who have spent a school year

abroad. They know that former international

exchange students bring a higher level of ma-

turity and a global frame of reference to their

university studies and activities.

If you become an ASSE exchange student

abroad, you will experience life in another

culture and make close friends in your host

country. Sit in the small cafés, play sports,

shop in the same outdoor markets; these are

things tourists miss, and this is where you re-

ally discover the way of life in another country,

with all its subtleties.

Student Exchange