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Why not venture to the tantalizing South

Korea for your exchange year? Immersed

in a rich culture and way of life so different

from what you have ever experienced, you

will live with a traditional Korean host fam-

ily and learn about their values and their

strong sense of duty and responsibility,

while you become familiar with new unique

foods. Depending on where your host family

lives, you may spend your year in a high-rise

apartment building or in the countryside in

a traditional house, hanok, with paper doors

and windows.

Koreans highly value education, and school-

ing is taken very seriously. Despite the

intense studying, you and your newfound

Korean friends will find time to have fun.

Your school might offer clubs, ranging from


drama, radio broadcasting, filming, conver-

sation in foreign languages, newspapers,

astronomy, and cartoon animation, or you

may find yourself singing karaoke in the

singing room.

Characterized by some 3,000 islands, quiet

unspoiled countryside, beautiful mountains

and ultramodern cities, Korea is one of very

few places in the world where hundreds of

years old royal places sit harmoniously next

to huge modern urban skyscrapers.

Imagine visiting traditional fishing villages

or farmers, admiring the spectacular erup-

tion of active volcanoes, exploring Bud-

dhist temples and UNESCO designated

sites or learning Taekwondo in a royal


The unique things to see and do in Korea

are endless, and a year spent here is sure

to change your life

South Korea