Few places in the world today have undergone such amazing transitions as Hong Kong. With a name meaning "fragrant harbour," Hong Kong will provide you with learning opportunities at every turn. As an ASSE exchange student to this bustling island, you may not realize that, despite its British colonial past, the culture of Hong Kong is pure Chinese.

By choosing to spend an ASSE academic year in Hong Kong, you will be embarking on a unique opportunity to see where East has truly met West. You and your ASSE host family may take a ride on a red, double-decker bus up to Hong Kong's famous Victoria Peak, to the breathtaking view of the harbour. As you attend high school on a daily basis in Hong Kong, you will soon understand why Hong Kong's educational system is viewed as one of the finest in the world. Before you know it, you'll be chatting with friends and learning table tennis, a favourite sport on the island. Closer to home, you'll stroll the crowded, market streets in search of the day's produce with your host family or slurp down a bowl of steaming noodles at a local food stand.

Delve into the colourful history of this important culture. Learn the fascinating meaning behind the beautiful, written characters of the Chinese language. Become an ASSE exchange student to Hong Kong and learn what makes Hong Kong and its people truly the "Pearl of the Orient."