You'll Turn Your World 'Upside Down'.
Australia, New Zealand and South Africa lie in the Southern Hemisphere, so their seasons are the reverse of the Northern Hemisphere. Imagine traveling to balmy summer weather in February!


You'll Be Welcomed With A Cheery "G'Day"
Your host family will speak a language that bears a striking resemblance to your own. It sounds a lot like the "Queen's English" would if Her Majesty spent more time teasing Koalas or chasing around in the rugged Outback. You'll return speaking British English like an "Aussie." Discover the wonders "down under" in Australia, an ancient island continent of contrasts. Its huge supermodern cities have the feel of London with San Francisco thrown in, yet with a lot of local colour. The tropical splendour of the Great Barrier Reef, the charm of koalas and kangaroos. Its good-natured, friendly people with close families and adventurous spirit. Its world-famous Sydney Opera House, year-round warm sunshine on sparkling beaches, rugged "bush" adventures, and bustling cosmopolitan cities.

New Zealand

A Spectacular Island Nation
And then there's New Zealand…a paradise where natural beauty strikes your senses at every turn. It's like all of Europe rolled up into one country. Lush rolling hills where sheep graze peacefully. Beautiful beaches. Towering, snow-capped mountains, reminiscent of the Swiss Alps. Great fjords and glacial lakes. And, of course, major modern cities like Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington with their continental flavour. New Zealand is ideal for those who love nature and beauty and who want to live among some of the warmest, friendliest, and most generous people on earth.

South Africa

A Country of Gold
Let South Africa welcome you to a world in one country. South Africa has breathtaking scenery, incredible wildlife and a complete diversity of people. The peaceful transition to democracy was good news for all South Africans. The undergoing changes are setting new standards for sophisticated cities like Johannesburg, the capital of South Africa, also known as egoli-place of gold, along with simple villages. Together they make up the Rainbow Nation, where you should always expect the unexpected!